Medicines & Vitamins


Our products range contains carefully selected high quality products from multinational and international manufactures from several countries, such as Jordan, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK, USA, S. Korea, and others. Products include antibiotics, feed additives, feed supplements, nutrients, vitamins, anticoccidials, toxin binders, immunity boosters, and others.


Our vision is to help in reduction of using of antibiotics and chemicals in animal production in order to deliver healthy and safe animal products, namely poultry, to the end consumers. Thus, we intended since we started business to promote the use of natural products as much as possible, and as a primary preference over chemicals and antibiotics.

Our Natural Products List:

Mentofin - Ewabo, Germany: Mint and Eucalyptus essential oils for respiratory stress

OregoStim - Anpario, UK: Oregano extract for coccidiosis and clostridia and gastro-intestinal health

Securitor - Artimon, France: Garlic extract and vitamins for garstro-intenstinal health

Bio 211 - Bioarmor, France: Yeast hydrolysates and plant extracts for overall stress


For more information about our products list, please contact us.